About Us

This blog is an independent journalistic collaboration between Florida A&M University student media and concerned alumni who want the full truth about hazing on our beloved campus to come to light.

We encourage all victims and witnesses of hazing at FAMU, including people from all eras and any affected organizations, to report their experiences using this form. It allows either anonymous or signed submissions depending on the respondent’s comfort level. The data you report will then be used in reporting stories for campus media and this blog.

We believe this form of transparency, though perhaps uncomfortable at times, can help bring an end to violent rituals like the ones alleged to have caused the tragic death of Marching 100 drum major Robert Champion on Nov. 19, 2011.

Hazing is a disease that thrives on secrecy, that lives in the shadows. It will die in the sunshine.

Please note, this site is in no way affiliated with or owned by FAMU itself, the administration, or staff. We’re independently operated. We make no representations, warrants or promises on behalf of FAMU for any services or materials, nor are we agents working for or on behalf of FAMU.

For official announcements and information from FAMU’s administration, please visit the university’s website.


13 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Pissed Off Says:

    This is stupid, you are making the university look even worse. Please think about how you actions will effect everyone.


    • Tracy Harmon Says:

      I commend Peter’s action and would hope that current Rattlers would support him in his cause.

      As a Rattler Alumn, I think it is rather foolish that yourself and others thinks silence portrays the University in a positive light. Hazing at FAMU is now in the national spotlight and having an open dialogue shows that we (Rattler Family) are ready to address an issue that has plagued the campus for generations.

      Did you also forget that someone died because of hazing? Which I am certain could have been minimized had someone addressed it in an open dialogue long before now.

      If you are proud Rattler, own the positives and negatives about the University.

  2. Very Angry Rattler Says:

    You should never make a decision when something first happens. You are just making the university look worse. This makes it seem like hazing only happens at FAMU. Please take this site down and please do some research before you do something like this again. Some people subject themselves to hazing and not just because of peer pressure.

    • Peter McKay Says:

      Well, I don’t believe they should do that. We’re talking about undergrads here, and I’m a little older, so I don’t mind saying so.

      At any rate, I am grateful that you’ve commented on the site, even if we disagree. I view that as an important part of a conversation we need to have. And I do think the conversation should be in public because, after all, we’re a public school. So, no, I’m not taking the site down.

      • Very Angry Rattler Says:

        Its ok to have a conversation but not online and not at this moment. You are just making the university look worse. You could have opened this up to the entire state. Its not just our problem its the world’s problem. I agree it needs to stop but this is not the way. I could easily falsely accuse someone of hazing on this site. And right now a false accusation is all it will take to get any organization kicked off the yard. You are just creating a new and bigger problem. FSU would talk about this in private not air it out for the world to see. We are again our own worst enemy.

    • Tracy Harmon Says:

      Even it people choose to subject themselves to hazing. The issues of hazing still need to be addressed. The site is one tool for doing so. Over time, I hope you’ll agree.

      And, here’s a recommendation instead of calling yourself a Very Angry Rattler, call yourself a Proud Rattler and do your part to re-establish the positive image of our beloved Florida A&M University.

  3. Peter McKay Says:

    I don’t believe **talking about** hazing, or any other issue, makes the university look bad. Hazing **itself** makes the university look bad.

    And my goal is not to do things the way FSU does them. I want to do thing **better** than FSU does them. This is better IMHO.

    I think we should remember, the common denominator in both schools’ names is the U, for university. By definition, that means a place where information and ideas are exchanged freely. FAMU should definitely be able to withstand anything said on this site and turn out just fine.

  4. Debby Says:

    Peter –

    As an outsider, but the mother of two HS sons who march, I commend you for taking this on. Your response, above, is perfect.

    When a wound is allowed to fester, infection spreads and threatens the survival of the host. Only by exposing the wound to sunlight, and enduring the temporary pain of cleaning it, can the infection be eliminated.

  5. FAMU GRAD Says:

    why don’t you post the actual responses rather than “summarizing” them for us? put everything out in the open

  6. I hate when someone’s argument to a problem is its “the world’s problem.” I think it is a given that hazing is happening all over the place. It happens in high schools, colleges, maybe even the workplace. Ignoring it because the problem is too big will only allow it to continue on forever. I read a quote the other day, that went something like this: “I always asked myself, ‘why doesn’t somebody do something about this’ and then I realized that I’m somebody.” I applaud you for trying to air this dirty laundry, to try to get people talking about this. If you can help foster change at FAMU, or get enough people talking that FAMU works to make a change, it might just spread through the rest of the state university system, and beyond.

  7. Cire Brock Says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog entry! I was fascinated by your interest to help stop hazing! I liked your attitudes towards hazing so I decided to use this blog in my health project. I am happy to see someone who is willing to do something about a problem that others might seem against, so thank you for your input!

    • Peter McKay Says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Cire! If your project has any component that’s published online when you’re done, please do pass along a link. Curious to see what you come up with. Good luck!

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