Spring 2012 Plan

January 6, 2012

By Peter McKay | FAMU ’97 | Email

This blog took something of a hiatus over the recent holidays, recognizing that much of the FAMU community was on vacation and focused on happier stuff than the usual subject matter here. But now that the spring semester is starting back up on campus, we’ll get back in swing as well.

Here are a couple of my key goals for the blog for the period through this spring’s graduation:

Increase student involvement. From the beginning, I’ve wanted this blog to be a collaboration between alumni and students. This approach is intended to address the multigenerational nature of hazing itself.

The Famuan staff, led by last semester’s editor Clarece Polke and adviser Andrew Skerritt, were indeed great collaborators last semester, including two-way sharing of information, cross-publication of certain content, and general moral support during last semester’s tumult, when a certain portion of the Rattler community basically lost its collective mind regarding the valuable role of a free press in society.

This semester brings a new group of Famuan editors that I’ll have to build relationships with, working remotely as I am from New York City. I also have yet to scratch the surface with other campus media organizations. Glad to help them out with hazing coverage as well, of course. If you’re a staffer at Journey, WANM, or another campus media org aside from the newspaper, feel free to drop me an email anytime.

I’m also still looking for a couple of student bloggers to write for this site on a more dedicated basis this semester. If you’re interested in that opportunity, again, please drop me a message.

Get more alumni participation as well. I welcome guest posts, as long as they’re focused on solutions to the underlying problem of hazing. If you’re interested, please drop me an email. (Noticing a pattern developing here?) I can even publish your stuff under a pseudonym if necessary, as long as I can independently verify your identity.

Please note, this blog is not much concerned about second-derivative problems like hazing-related publicity, the careers of individual FAMU staff members, et cetera. Frankly, I think there’s been way too much focus on such stuff in the Rattler community already. If you really have a burning passion to write about those things, save it for the comments, which I will approve for the sake of free speech but summarily ignore for my own purposes.

Collect more individual hazing reports. So far, we have about 30 people who have submitted stories about hazing they’ve witnessed or been victims to over the years at FAMU. We’re still accepting submissions via our online reporting form, which allows respondents to remain anonymous if they wish.

If you have questions about our information-gathering efforts, what the data will be used for, and so forth, please check out this FAQ.

Write at least one longer blog post of my own each Monday. I figure a weekly commitment will fit into my schedule, which is busy over the next few months due to the for-profit tech startup I’m working on, Roscoe Labs. If I can post on other days, it’ll probably be more of the quick-hit variety.

At the end of the semester, I’ll reassess how the blog is doing and go from there. I’ll keep it up as long as there’s community interest, which so far has been running high.


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