Palm Beach Post Story on FAMU

December 12, 2011

Thanks to the Palm Beach Post’s Dara Kam for her mention of the blog in her story in today’s paper. Crass self-promotion aside, it really is one of the most comprehensive features we’ve read about hazing at FAMU, out of all the ink that’s been spilled since the Florida Classic.

Dara writes:

TALLAHASSEE — Robert Champion should be stepping with his cherished “Marching 100” band at Florida A&M University’s fall commencement on Friday.

Instead, hundreds of mourners gathered on Nov. 30 in Georgia, where 26-year-old Champion was laid to rest in his school uniform, a polished baton in his hand.

Champion’s lifelong dream was to become a member of the university’s renowned band and ascend to the elite status of drum major.

That dream may have led to his death.

Definitely worth reading the whole thing, especially as we head into another week that may hold all sorts of additional surprises for the FAMU community. Developments have been coming fast and furious regarding the various investigations into Champion’s death and the university’s overall handling of hazing.


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